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For any cars over 20 yrs old or anything rare and interesting

Classic Car Enthusiasts Together In A Friendly, Social Environment.

Silverstone Social was set up by Scott Temple in 2016. The focus being very much on the locality of Silverstone Circuit and the many car enthusiasts living in and around the area. This is a non profit car club where there are not any membership fees or hidden costs involved- its all about getting Classic Car enthusiasts together in a friendly, social environment.

We like to try and be as flexible as possible to allow a mixture of cars and owners to join the group and take part in our meets while trying to encourage cars that when bought together make a very interesting display of variety and nostalgia. As a rough guide cars 20 years old and over are preferred. Anything more modern than this needs to be rare and/or interesting. The vehicles do not have to be a set make or type.

There is an active Facebook page for Silverstone Social where photographs of member’s cars are shared and discussed along with details of events and meets as well as regular competitions we run. The competitions give you the chance to win Silverstone Social branded merchandise and win tickets to events.

Get To Know Our Members And Their Cars.

Check out our members featured cars below. Get to know about the cars features and where photographs of member’s cars are shared.

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    Alan Robins – Lotus Esprit

    This week we take a closer look at Alan Robins impeccable Lotus Esprit. Absolute honour to have this at our meet on Sunday. Registered on June 11th 1987 by the London Lotus Centre in Edgware. This will have been one of the last of the third generation models which were built from 1981-1987.

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    Andrew McInerney – Alfa Romeo Giulietta

    This week we are going Italian to look at Andrew McInerney’s Alfa. One of many lovely Italian Classics in his possession. Alfa Romeo Giulietta This is a 1982 2.0 Series Two. It is in remarkable condition for any 80s Alfa. The mileage, 42k, is believed to be genuine and other than a new sill the bodywork is original. It was stripped and repainted a few years ago, no filler whatsoever was found as she had been Zeibarted from new.

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    Chris Jaron – Audi 90 quattro (B2/Typ85 chassis)

    This week we feature a modified Audi 90 quattro (B2/Typ85 chassis) aptly named “Bombero” belonging to Chris Jaron Modifications Originally a 1985 car it has been owned by Chris since 1997 and to say it has developed in that time is a understatement. Initially a 2.5 engine conversion running with K-Star, produced about 200bhp.

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    Chris Theakstone – MGTD

    Thanks to Chris Theakstone for taking the time to send us the information on his lovely old MG. This is a MGTD and was registered on January 17th 1950. Although right hand drive it was sent direct to Sweeden as up until 1960 Sweedish law dictated that drivers use the left hand side of the road. The car didnt come back to the UK until 2015 when Chris then bought it. Since then the gearbox has been replaced with a five speed for better driveability.

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    Dotty Dolly (Andy & Lynn) – Wolseley 4/44

    Very pleased to have Dotty Dolly (Andy & Lynn) join Silverstone Social after spotting us at Old Warden a few weeks ago. This week we feature their Wolseley 4/44. This is a 1954 model and was bought by Andy last June having had the hardship many of us can relate to of being Classic-less for a number of years. Previously having restored a Fiat 1973 124 Spider to a meticulous standard and then promptly having to sell it due to a change of circumstance.

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We have been carefully monitoring government advice regarding the Covid 19 pandemic throughout the year and its impact on our ability to safely host events. Following the recent government announcement of further restrictions, which could last for at least 6 months, we have taken the difficult decision to cancel all remaining events this year. Whist we understand and appreciate that some of you may not agree with the decision we feel that it is the responsible thing to do to protect us all as much as possible and to help us all to return to normal as soon as we can. We would like to thank everyone who supported us at the events we managed to go ahead with and can assure you that we are already working hard to plan for next year. Please keep an eye on our fantastic new Website and Facebook page for the latest information and make sure you are a registered member to receive our eshots which contain our latest news, offers and promotions.

Take care, stay safe and we hope to see you soon.

The SS team.